Activities and programmes

The Viking Village is located in a place of great power: there was already a river crossing here hundreds of years ago, and thousands of years ago, this was where the local people brought sacrifices to the spirit inhabiting these waters; Vikings and merchants sailed the river, carrying piles of silver earned or looted… Even today, ancient spearheads and other treasures may still be found in the surrounding fields. The Viking Village offers an educational, exciting and engaging experience inspired by distant times. Put yourself to the test in various games of strength and adventures, listen to lectures or watch presentations on ancient Estonia, take part in an assault on our Viking fortress, ride along the river in a Viking canoe, hike to the Blue Springs of Saula, catch a hefty fish, learn ancient songs and dances or try your hand at archery and axe-throwing. There is no lack of exciting activities here, whether you are young or old, visiting in a group or exploring on your own.
After a day of games and adventures, you can rest your muscles and joints in a smoke or cave sauna and have any fish you caught cooked by our Viking chefs into a hearty and restorative meal.