In the fortress at the Viking Village, visitors can compete against each other in the ancient sport of archery.
For this we have set up a number of targets on which you can test your skills.

Rental fee for one bow and three arrows: €10 per 30 minutes. In case of losing or breaking an arrow, a fee of €12 shall apply. There is no restriction on the number of archers. The price does not include instruction and all archery is at your own risk. Before bows and arrows can be rented, you must fill out a form with instructions, confirming that you have read our safety requirements.

If you need an archery instructor, you can hire our programme manager, who can instruct you in archery as well as axe and spear throwing.

Archery is one of the oldest arts still practised today. Stone arrowheads found in North Natal prove that the bow had been invented by at least around 46,000 BC. The bow has been used both as a hunting tool as well as for military purposes.

The Egyptians took to archery at least as far back as 5,000 years ago. There is also evidence that the Shang dynasty (1766–1027 BC) in China used war chariots carrying three men: a driver, a spearman and an archer.

Estonian Vikings, too, utilised the bow in their military campaigns and are known to have used three-bladed arrowheads for flaming arrows to set enemy ships on fire.

For more on archery, we recommend watching the video below – believe us, your understanding of this art will change dramatically: WATCH!