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Hilltop Pavilion for 25 people

>>>Hilltop Pavilion for 25 people

The Hilltop Pavilion is a cosy shelter with an excellent view of our pond and the rest of the village. The pavilion can seat up to 25 people. In warm weather, the roof provides shade, but can also shelter you from the rain! The fresh air and natural surroundings are sure to give our guests a good appetite!

As the Hilltop pavilion located farther from other tables and up to hill, 12% for service will be added to the final bill.

However, if you wish to bring your own food or drink, the first two hours cost €50/h, or €45/h with our loyalty card, and each subsequent hour costs €10, or €8 with our loyalty card. In this case, you should also bring your own tableware.

If you wish to have a barbecue, we can offer a grill for rent for €15, or €13 with our loyalty card. We also sell charcoal and lighter fluid.