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Warriors’ Hall for 40 people

>>>Warriors’ Hall for 40 people

The Warriors’ Hall can accommodate up to 40 people. The Warriors’ Hall has separate entrances to ensure privacy from other visitors. In the summer, the doors of the Hall open directly onto the village grounds, creating a particularly airy and open atmosphere. The Warriors’ Hall is fitted with a splendid fireplace which can be lit upon request.

This is the perfect room for holding seminars, as extra lighting can be switched on if needed and the tables can be positioned as requested. There is a stereo system installed in the wall for playing music from CDs or USB devices.

The Warriors’ Hall is also a great place to hold smaller weddings and birthdays. A Finnish sauna is available by the Warriors’ Hall and can be rented for a small additional fee (€40/h, min 3h).

During larger parties, when the Great Hall is packed, the Warriors’ Hall is often used as a buffet room or dance hall with a larger band stage. Those who wish to have a quiet chat away from the boisterous singing and dancing in the Hall can slip off to the Chieftains’ Room, which can seat up to 10 people.

For an additional fee, the Hall can be decorated according to your wishes (birches, spruces, candles, animal skins, pine cone and moss arrangements, etc.).

If you wish to use the Warriors’ Hall to hold a seminar, contact us for a separate quote. An arrangement can always be worked out.

The price of renting the Hall depends on the volume of catering and the duration and days of your stay.

Contact us for getting offer suitable both sides! We sure will have agreement!

When our village is open and you order catering from us – you can rent Warriour hall up to 4 hours free of carcge!

We will provide you with a quote depending on the event. Prices do not include VAT!