Incantation and enchantment were a natural part of daily life in ancient times. Important tasks were often not undertaken until the proper wishes and words had been spoken and blessings given. Our master enchanter has devised a number of spells and written them down for you. In order to amplify the magical power with which you will be imbuing the rope charm, you will need to choose a partner from your group. Together, you will then select the spells you will be using to enchant the rope. Our master rope enchanter will show you how to braid the rope and make sure everything is done according to ancient laws and customs. Each participant will get to prepare a rope charm and tie it around their partner’s arm. Fast braiders are free to make more than one rope charm.

For large groups, rope charm braiding will take place at the fortress.

Price: €5,50 per person, duration: up to 30 min (minimum 140€)

€5 per person with our loyalty card ( minimum 120€)