A fun programme for children’s birthdays, team training events and other occasions.

Upon arrival in the Viking Village, you will be greeted by the Viking chieftain, who will give you an overview of various ancient weapons, items and clothing. You will also get to listen to stories about ancient times, when our forefathers were brave seafarers and ruled the Baltic Sea. To head out on your adventure, you will be given clothes and helmets to protect you on the journey.

Then you will board an authentic Viking ship with your friends and family as Viking conquerors, grab the oars and head off on a treasure hunt. At least 4 participants required.

The ancient Vikings are famous for their skill as seafarers and conquerors. The Viking Village resurrects this ancient tradition and, from the month of May (depending on the weather), offers you a chance to sail down the Pirita River like a real Viking and take part in a voyage lasting over an hour. As a Viking, you will be the one holding the oars of the ship and deciding on how far you wish to venture. Following a treasure map given to you for the journey, and with a strong crew and experienced thralls, you should be able to reach a treasure chest filled to bursting with gleaming riches. The treasure must be divided among the crew amicably, and according to ancient law, the map reader, i.e. the navigator, is entitled to twice the bounty of other adventurers.

The expedition will be led by the Viking captain, who is generally the helmsman and whose hands are long calloused from life on the sea and swinging his war axe in battle. Under the leadership of the captain, the crew may feel confident: he will be your guide and will help you find the treasure, because sailing a Viking ship is not an easy thing to do.

Price with ship’s captain: €190, or €170 with our loyalty card (treasure hunt duration 1 h 45 min)

The ship can hold up to 10 adults or up to 13 children.

The ship must be manned by at least four thralls (rowers).

For this programme, our pavilion, which can seat up to 20 people, can be used for a picnic. There, you will also be protected from the rain. Tableware and other picnic supplies are not provided. Pavilion access for up to 3 hours: €15. Pavilion access for up to 3 hours: €17, or €15 with our loyalty card.

We have electricity, and water is available at the main Tavern building. Grills and other supplies can be rented in accordance with the price list.