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Hike in the Kämbla old-growth forest

>>>>Hike in the Kämbla old-growth forest

A journey through time across the Pirita River directly into the age-old forest in Kämbla Nature Reserve: surrounded by 100-year-old spruces, aspens, pines and birches, we will talk about forest conservation, the life of trees both in earthly and spiritual terms, and the symbiosis of the various species living in the forest. The path leads past an RMK (Estonian State Forest Management Centre) campfire site, where hikers can rest their legs, play games, take part in discussions and have a picnic. The subjects can be adapted to both children and experienced travellers. The hike starts and ends with a crossing of the Pirita River by boat. The hike is led by an experienced naturalist!

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Price: €11 per person (minimum €180)
€10 per person with our loyalty card (minimum €180)