Viking village is open everyday!

Seeress’ spellcasting hut

The Viking Village has a respected seeress, who was also an important member of the community in ancient times. The seeress keeps an eye on the health and strength of body and mind of the villagers, which occasionally need to be bolstered and cleansed through spells and other arcane rituals and knowledge.

Not every Viking has the power to commune with the spirits and find the cause of various illnesses. The wise men and women who have this power have throughout the ages been called witches, sorcerers or sorceresses, sages, shamans and conjurers. Our seeress will brew you a batch of invigorative tea in her hut and tell children stories of distant times, when Nordic peoples believed in strange gods, commanded treasure-bearing imps (kratts) and engaged in all kinds of sorcery.

We will talk about how nature always has something to offer to ease our illnesses and ailments. All one needs to take advantage of this is the proper knowledge and skills. Participants will have the chance to craft a personal rope charm, kratt or runic wand.

Duration: 1–1.5 hours

Maximum number of participants: 20 children

Price: €8.50 per person (minimum €110)