The spring was said to be vast and widely famed people would flock to it from distant villages for its curative waters. In return, various offerings could be cast into the spring. Riches, of course, were said to be the best and most effective of them. But it could also be grain and other items of value as long as an offering was made, for otherwise no water could be retrieved.

At Saula, the Tallinn-Tartu highway crosses the Pirita River, which flows through the surrounding forested valley. Near the Saula Bridge, about 200 m from the highway, the scenic Blue Springs of Saula can be found. The Blue Springs of Saula are the most charming blue springs in Estonia with their crystal clear water, located by the winding Pirita River and surrounded by an ancient spruce forest. The springs are just a short 10-minute walk from the Viking Village. For thousands of years the water of the springs has been claimed to have healing powers. In order to use that power, however, visitors must know and fulfil certain conditions. What place do sacred natural sites have in the culture and worldview of ancient and modern Estonians and Nordic peoples? How should one treat nature and such sacred sites and why? What stories are told about the Blue Springs of Saula? What does the spirit of the springs do to defilers of nature? How did ancient Estonians seek the favour of the Children of the Water for success in battle? Join us for a hike to the Blue Springs of Saula and all these questions will be answered.

The hike can be ordered in Estonian, English and Russian.

Duration: approx. 1 hour
Price: €5.5 per person, or €5 with our loyalty card
10% discount for schools and kindergartens
Minimum price: €180
10% discount for groups of more than 30 people