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Viking village

The Viking Village was founded upon an old dream and put into practice by the courageous start of some young people. It all started in 2005, when the present leaders of the Viking Village found an ancient and mysterious area on the beautiful bank of River Pirita that was perfect for establishing the ancient Estonian Viking Village.

Why the Viking Village?
Estonians have been settled in their present area already from the ancient times. The old Estonians were known as smart and mysterious people. After all, the Estonians were called witch people for a reason. Although one can learn about the later time periods in several places in Estonia, the Viking Age (from 8th to 11th centuries) has not been covered so widely. The purpose of the Viking Village lies in

promoting the feeling of the ancient way of life. We also attempt at offering our guests some piece of mind and a possibility to become aware of themselves and the environment, to step out of today’s fast life style and discover a Viking hidden within.

The Viking Village is constantly improving. By today, almost a half of the planned village is completed, which means that another half is still to be built.